Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I look for in a bass: Part 2

5 string
- I prefer a 35" scale as it makes for a better defined low B string.
- I also like a very thin and wide neck with a failry flatly radiused fret board.
- Neck through neck is bonus as it makes the upper register a lot easier to get to.
- Tilted headstock. This creates a nice tension over the nut.

4 String
- I honestly prefer a Fender or a Fender copy for my 4 string.
- I prefer a slightly chunkier neck for my 4 strings with a 10.75 radiused fretboard
- Maple fret board please
- No active electronics
- I'm a big fan of a well set up, no frills, passive bass for my 4 stringers.
- Bonus points for a nitro finish instead of a poly.

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